Monday, May 19, 2014

Operation: "Save my Butt". It needs a whole lotta saving. 14 days to go before Voting Day

 "I destroyed opposition to my plan to urbanize Marin by labeling them all NIMBYS and Racists. Still they are after me.
Am I the last person in Marin that cares about the community?"

It's been a tough year for me as the incumbent District One Supervisor, as I have been fighting San Rafael Councilperson and former Vice Mayor, Dixie School District President Damon Connolly.  It seems his strategy of listening to the community and finding solutions is working.  After twelve years of my rule, you'd think everyone would obey me blindly. Now my support is down to a sorry bunch who want me to continue their gravy train.

"I think everybody in District One will vote for Damon Connolly."

Now I am in big trouble and I need your help.  We have 14 days to win this thing and I need some help at the mud slinging fortress.  It is time to spread rumors and gossip.  Let the mud slinging begin.

"I can't wait to build these high density homes along Las Gallinas and have a trolley car run down the middle.  We will be so sophisticated and chic,  like Europe, San Francisco or Portland, Oregon. We will destroy ugly suburban sprawl in District One, even if the rich communities in Marin won't do this.  I got 70% of all affordable housing for unincorporated Marin"

"Who are these Citizens who say I can't make their lives better!?  The nerve!"

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