Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Contribute or Else"- A history of land use/politics in Marinwood

Cameron Case and Walter Dods explain the casual nature of the Marinwood Association. It was essentially a group of self-appointed residents that claimed to represent the community whenever there was a crisis. Former CSD Director Walter Dods explains that Susan Adams forced "contributions" to the Marin Collaborative from Marinwood CSD and Marinwood Association. Now through the recent revelations from the the five "Friends of Marinwood Village" (Kathy Gaines, Cameron Case, Jon Hammond, Bruce Anderson and Robert Pendolay) that not just a few hundred dollars was donated.

In fact $3000 came from the CSD and $2000 from the Marinwood Association.  We found in September 2013, that the Marinwood Association had less than 20 paid members and did no accounting.

It begs the question, "how did the Marinwood Association, with no assets, and a few members come up with $2000 to "give" to Susan Adam's Marinwood Village Collaborative?   Did it come from an outside source? Why?

Bruce Anderson, former CSD director and Vice President of the Marinwood Association surely knows....

Bruce Anderson

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