Sunday, March 16, 2014

VIDEO: Susan Adams "Marinwood PDA was recommended by locals".

See Supervisor Susan Adams at 42:59  explains to the audience at the Association of Bay Area Governments  that all PDA have been submitted by the local communities before submitting it to ABAG.  This is quite odd. 

We do not know of any public meetings in Marinwood by Ms. Adams or anyone else discussing the Marinwood Priority Development Area for urbanization.

It is all land East of Las Gallinas to the 101 Freeway.  Our neighbor Supervisor Adams lives in this area.

WHO SUBMITTED MARINWOOD for Priority Development?  We deserve to know.

Also, the Executive Director, Kevin Kirkey admits at the end of the exchange with Ms. Adams(44:40), that housing allocations are high in Unincorporated Marin (and since 71% of all housing is in Marinwood-Lucas Valley that means us).  He said it was a problem to be addressed later.  What could he be referring to?

Do you feel like you are in the dark about the massive changes underway in our neighborhood?

Why won't Supervisor Adam's answer simple questions about the Marinwood Priority Development Area that was submitted in 2007?

We have a right to know.  Get active.  Demand answers. 

Did you ever attend a meeting for the Marinwood Priority Development Area?

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  1. First off, let's not forget for one second that Miss Adams is bought and paid for by the radicalized union of SEIU. As we all know this is a corrupt organization yet Miss Adams consistently takes their checks and does WHATEVER they want her to do. Miss Adams has proved every single time that she works for SEIU and NOT for the Citizens of Marinwood and beyond. Don't ever forget that and don't let anyone tell you differently.

    Adams has a radicalized liberal agenda that serves her purposes and not those of the community. People in Marinwood really need to stop sucking up to her like she is some sort of celebrity. She is an incompetent human being that joined government to blend in albeit under the disguise of having a radicalized agenda.

    Oh, and lets not forget.....We can thank her delay tactics that caused Marinwood to not have a grocery store for years. Oh wait, she got the farmers market in there...oh brother