Monday, March 17, 2014

Marinwood Village meeting on September 26, 2006

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See the Marinwood Village meeting on September 26, 2006  at the Board of Supervisors HERE

This is the first Marinwood Village Collaborative meeting. Notice all of the "Community Leaders" (Friends of Susan Adams) who voiced support of the concept.  Surprisingly no one mentioned the impacts on schools.  At the time, many of the older residents had no children in school.  The primary concern was restoring a derelict strip Mall with a market.  Some wanted affordable housing but most simply wanted a decaying mall to be restored to life.  The carcinogenic toxic waste spill from the Prosperity cleaners site was discovered later that year but only minor cleanup efforts have been made since then.  Shame on Susan Adams, who holds a PHD in Nursing to ignore this public health risk.  Not only did she know of the spill, she lobbied for an extension of the clean up in January 2014 so that Bridge Housing and Hoytt development could have time for their financing.

The toxic plume has spread under the 101 Freeway and is now on the border of Silveira Ranch threatening its water supply to people and hundreds of dairy cows.  Thousands of people could be affected by this environmental crime if the toxins contaminate the milk.  The toxic waste has been found to be 2000 times above safe levels.  

The site is now scheduled to be cleaned by August 2016.

Get involved.  Vote for change. 
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