Saturday, March 22, 2014

Planning Director, Brian Crawford defends the high concentrations of affordable housing in Marinwood-Lucas Valley, Tam Valley and Strawberry

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for the full meeting see June 24, 2013 Planning Commission Meeting

Editors note: 3/22/2014 When I published this last year, it caused a minor sensation in Marinwood-Lucas Valley.  It showed the absolute hubris of the county to assume that a community that is populated as our neighborhoods should be a target for affordable housing development because our land values are lower than the rest of Marin.  The planners and politicians show their cards that their objectives is profits for the developer is more important than the needy people they serve or the community that hosts them. The video clip was mysteriously deleted or altered. I have not checked if it is still available in the full meeting clip.  The County government removes embarassing material regularly.  If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.  We will Save Marin Again! 
The urban Brian Crawford earned $239,525 in 2012 according to Marin IJ HERE to tell us all how we should develop our communities.  Isn't he special.  He'll get to retire early too at up to 90% of his salary.
The median Household income for San Rafael in 2011 was $71,510. He earns roughly 3 times this amount.
Who are the real elitists?

One of the more outrageous aspects of the Housing Element for unincorporated Marin is that 78% of all affordable housing is located in Marinwood-Lucas Valley which is just 0.6% of the entire county.   The planners and politicians justify this as "public policy" and "available land"..  blah, blah, blah.

Doesn't it make sense to integrate the needy throughout the county evenly?  Won't this provide opportunity and fairness and integration?

Of course, this makes too much sense.  The self style "elites" in other parts of Marin  make excuses to shirk their responsibiliy, complain that they are built out and can't possibly take their fairshare,  The housing allocations get pushed onto the weakest political districts without representation - like Marinwood-Lucas Valley.

Question Authority.

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