Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Five "Friends of Marinwood Village" deliver this message (Bruce Anderson, Jon Hammond, Kathleen Gaines, Robert Pendolay and Cameron Case)

At least two of the five of the "Friends" make a living consulting to affordable housing developers.  Several claimed that the Marinwood CSD never got involved in housing issues but this document shows that they have CONTRIBUTED to housing plans in 2006.

What is particularly upsetting about these long term residents, is that none of them have children in the Dixie School district, benefit from low Prop 13 tax rates and/or pay nothing into the schools at all because of the over 65 year exemption.  They completely dismiss the younger generation of families that pay the bulk of the taxes and have kids who may be forced from their local Dixie schools due to overcrowding.

"Newcomers" are the future. May the "old timers" understand that we want a great community with wonderful schools, just like they had for their children.   We will Save Marin again!
Susan Adams explaining the Marinwood PDA that she created August 7, 2007 to a skeptical crowd

And of course none of the "Friends of Marinwood Village" want to talk about the Toxic Waste HERE

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