Sunday, March 23, 2014

VIDEO Special Favors for Special Developers Part II

Yesterday I posted a video about cutting red tape.   I also meant to reference this video.  Ezra Rapport from the Association of Bay Area Government argues that Affordable Housing developers need special rules to make their projects profitable.  He discusses how the "Sustainable Communities" strategy transfer legal responsibility from the developer to the County.  Also, he argues that a single Environmental Impact Report should be sufficient for the community and not linked to single development.  Essentially Mr Rappaport is arguing that community should have severely limited rights to challenge affordable housing developments.

Short 4 minute video worth a look

All developers want to cut risk.  Greenwash your project and you have your keys to the kingdom.  Why should one set of developers have legal protections and others must endure the gauntlet of red tape?  It distorts the natural market for housing and places an undue burden on the tax paying citizens that are underwriting the scheme.

Who is looking out for the rest of the citizens? Stop Marinwood-Lucas Valley from becoming the next Daly City  (Marinwood City) filled with high density government housing.  It is in the 2012 Housing element plan set for approval.  Do you want to be heard?

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