Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marinwood Special Meeting- concerning EIR Comments, Complaints by Anderson/Perry and the Candidate Forum

The Marinwood CSD held a special session on March 25, 2013 to certify a letter concerning EIR issues with the Marinwood Village proposal.

-Bruce Anderson, former CSD director complained that the last meeting may have violated the Brown Act for noticing requirements . Tarey Read in a shameful act of intimidation and hyperbole claimed that civil penalties and jail time may befall the CSD board .  All that happened was a detailed letter was submitted late but the letter was properly noticed to the public. Even Walter Dodds, former CSD director and attorney remarked that it was "a stretch" to claim a violation.

-Bill Hansel claimed that under no circumstances should the staff, email or signboards should be used for a candidates forum and debate.  This is despite the fact, that the CSD has hosted MANY debates including the Adams vs Mazzoni debate in the last Board of Supervisor's race.  Bill Hansel and Tarey Reed have objected to signboards to announce public meetings for years.  The re-election of Bill Hansel and Tarey Reed was won by default when the notice of the election was not seen by the public in 2011 and ran unopposed.

-Damien Perry (husband of Izabel Perry and frequent Next Door contributor) claimed that the CSD is misappropriating "staff time" by looking at the EIR effects of the Marinwood Village proposal.

-Tarey Reed and Bill Hansel objected to any statement to support the "general welfare" of the Marinwood-Lucas Valley from over development.

The meeting was well attended but only a few people spoke. In the end, the EIR letter was approved unanimously.

Be sure to Attend the EIR scoping session held this Saturday, March 29th at the Lucas Valley Community Church at Las Gallinas and Lucas Valley Road.  It is important for you to be heard.  ONLY the comments received for the EIR will be considered in the final report.  The County has voiced its opinion that the Marinwood Village project should be built at all costs. Only the community will stand against the unjust exploitation of over development. Be there.

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