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Bruce Anderson letter to the Marin IJ: "Much Ado about Nothing"

Letter to the Editor from Bruce Anderson on March 23, 2014

Much ado about nothing!

Bruce Anderson

They say they yelled because they were not heard. But their yelling didn't allow them to hear the truth.

The county housing element was just a planning exercise and did not lock in massive affordable housing development in Marinwood or Lucas Valley. We know that now because the county Community Development Agency just announced the process for the next housing element — an inventory of available building sites.

The new housing element will have to account for 185 potential housing units in the same 16 locations across the county. No, this is not an additional 185 units.It is a replacement for the 773 units in the previous element.

Poof. The just-accepted housing element goes away. [Editor's Note: This is not entirely accurate, the housing overlay district zoning was made 30 units per acre on 7 properties. The new housing element adds MORE affordable housing units.  If approved, we may have an additional 185 units. What this means is the property all over Marinwood-Lucas Valley has become a potential building site for affordable housing with the help of Bruce Anderson, Cyane Dandridge and the rest of the old Marinwood CSD Directors and of course all were led by Supervisor Susan Adams. ]

One has to wonder — why all the fuss about something that lasted all of six months?
[Editor's Note: It may effect us for decades saddling us with non profit housing that pays little taxes.  If all units are built, then 1 and 4 housing units in Marinwood-Lucas Valley will be low income housing. It is crazy. We objected yet Susan Adams and the rest of the Board of Supervisors approved of this Housing Element.  It will fundamentally change our community from a quiet suburb to community dominated by non profit housing that pays virtually no taxes.  How will we pay for our schools?  Where will these new people work and shop?  Will they all take public transit or will our traffic increase?  What about crime? No other community in Marin,  perhaps the entire Bay Area has been given such a proportionally high amount of affordable housing.  How can ANYONE justify so much low income housing in our community?]

Some may say they were trying to save Marinwood with what they thought was reliable information. Remember those pleas of up to 500 new units in Marinwood and Lucas Valley (70 percent of Marin's affordable housing to be located in Marinwood and Lucas Valley)?    [We sourced the housing element and plan bay area documents for our information. Although Bruce Anderson formerly served for over a decade, he produces no facts or documents supporting his position.]

Remember those flyers with massive buildings built? Remember the failed recall of Supervisor Adams and complaints that she was not listening to the concerns about the housing element?

Remember those of us trying to tell you that indeed it was just a planning exercise? Probably not, the others were a lot louder. 

Here is something else to remember — that lawsuit by Marin Community Alliance. What is its purpose now that we know the housing element was just a planning exercise? How embarrassing would it be now if the Marinwood Community Services District had given either money or support to that effort? [ We have Bruce Anderson, on tape as Marinwood CSD Director and "vice president of Marinwood Association admitting giving the Marinwood Plaza Vision a sizable "donation"  We now learn the total amount was $5000.  Can he explain this public gift?  Where did the money come from?]

Many residents of Marinwood and Lucas Valley were upset by the "controversial issue" of the housing element. Now that we know there was no "controversial issue" in the first place, my hope is that we all take a breath and try to hear all sides of a discussion not just those the yell the loudest. 

Bruce Anderson, Marinwood

[The current CSD Directors have a big job ahead of them, cleaning up the $1.2 million dollar deficit left in 2013 and 2014 while Bruce Anderson was CSD president.]

Dry Cleaning Fluid Toxic Waste is found at 2000 times above safe levels. It has been acknowledged since 2007 yet no political representative has spoken out for it's clean up.  The above are the known risks.

We hope Bruce Anderson, has an explanation why the Toxic Waste spill  from Prosperity Cleaners at Marinwood Plaza was allowed to spread since its discovery in 2007 while he served as CSD President.

Just find ONE COMMUNITY in the Bay Area that has been burdened such a high number and
71% percent of all affordable housing in their county's housing element.  Just one.

For more information about the dangers of locating housing next to the freeway HERE

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