Thursday, March 27, 2014

VIDEO: Oakland Mayor says a concentration of high density projects lead to crime

Editor's Note: This meeting of the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) on March 7, 2013 discusses the criteria for selecting a Priority Development Areas (PDA) like the Marinwood Priority Development Area.

0:00:00  Top Executives refuse the pledge of allegience.  Ezra Rapport , ABAG Executive Director in cap (salary $322,581) and Ken Moy, chief Counsel (salary $279,418).  Each of these executives are among the highest paid public servants in the State of California. They are part of a regional government that is radically changing our communities and local property rights. It would be nice if they can show the respect for flag and the freedoms it represents.

0:12:10-Among the most important reasons for selecting an area for development is the "lack of community opposition" If there is a history of organized opposition to development, it will be less likely to be named a PDA In other words if we don't object we are targets for development. We were selected for a Priority Development Area in 2007 .  Did any local politician tell us?  Wasn't Susan Adams serving on ABAG at the time?
Ezra Rapport and Ken Moy

1:19:30 Ezra Rapport, ABAG Director explains that living next to the freeway will be healthier in the future because we use cleaner fuels. Old health data is based on dirtier fuels.

1:42:00 Oakland Mayor Jean Quan explains that concentration of high density affordable housing in a single neighborhood leads to "ghetto"ization and high crime. She believes low income housing should be spread throughout the jurisdiction.

ABAG's motto is "Sharing Resources" 
Have you ever had a friend who wants to "share" by always taking from you?
ABAG is taking our communities by forcing unwanted development and
"giving" a portion of our tax dollars back in exchange.

Here is what we pay our ABAG employees

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