Sunday, February 2, 2014

Who lives in Marinwood-Lucas Valley now?

Characters in the cast of TV show, Modern Family

The old stereotypes of the suburban family of a Mom, Dad and two children no longer hold true in Marinwood-Lucas Valley.  We are as complex demographicly and socially as the greater Bay Area at large.  Our common feature, is a love of the peace and quiet of our neighborhoods,  pride in our schools and kindness of our neighbors.  We love our open space and the ability of our children to play outdoors among the trees and being able to walk our dog in the park.   Most of us would be considered middle income and have jobs in the public sector, corporations or small business. 

In 2010, our population was 6094 including CSA 13, Lucas Valley Homeowners Association. 

For more info see: Lucas_Valley-Marinwood,_California

The 2012 Housing Element may bring in 1500 more people into our district, causing a 25% net increase in population, forcing us to build more classrooms, hire more teachers, increase police and fire services.  The new affordable housing residents by definition, will be low income and therefore will not be contributing to the property tax base nor will the owners who have generous tax subsidies. New costs for infrastructure upgrade will be the responsibility of the current taxpayers.

Find out more about the 2012 Housing Element.  Talk with your neighbors.  Write to the local papers and our politicians.  This is your community.  What future do you want?

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