Saturday, February 8, 2014

Video: Apollo VII Astronaut Walt Cunningham takes on global warming in Poland

There are few people on Earth as carefully vetted, as rigorously trained and as highly respected as America’s Apollo astronauts.  They risked their lives in advance of science on behalf of all mankind.
CFACT organized an all day global warming conference at Warsaw’s Cardinal Stefan WyszyƄski University, together with some fantastic partners from Poland and Germany, which ran parallel to the UN’s COP 19.  CFACT provided headsets for simultaneous translation for the more than 250 Poles who attended with our international delegation to the global warming summit.
Colonel Walt Cunningham was lunar module pilot on Apollo VII, the first manned Apollo flight to space.  Colonel Cunningham explains why America’s space pioneers are shocked and dismayed by today’s politicization of science to serve the global warming agenda.  They call for the elimination of bias from scientific inquiry and a return to the rigorous application of the scientific method.

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