Friday, September 27, 2013

Susan Adams Defends Her Votes for the Housing Element and SEIR

Susan Adams defends her vote to bring 70% of all affordable housing for unincorporated Marin County to Marinwood-Lucas Valley.
Susan promised "Cows not Condos" when elected.  Now it is "Build Baby Build".

Susan invites us to lunch, we pay the bill.


  1. Excuse me, but she is totally 100% reasonable.

  2. Marincello? Cut me a break. Marincello was to be high priced upscale housing build on priceless land with a view of San Francisco. The proposed development at Marinwood is absolutely nothing like that. Blocking it will not preserve precious open space (it is a failed strip mall whose only current occupant went in there with the understanding that the community would support it). It will also not provide high end housing for the rich.

  3. Marincello was approved over the overwhelming obj ection of the public. The arrogant Board of Supervisors voted unanomously. A determined citizen group fought it. The politicians and development went down in defeat. In today's politics, we are preserving the qualities of our small town living and the Board of Supervisors are shoving urbanization down our throats. They may have won in the short term by guile but in the long run they will be defeated. Marincello is a great analogy. The pompous Supervisors will get their come uppance.