Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Susan Adams at Dining with Democrats vs. Campaign photo. Will the real Susan stand up?

Susan Adams at the Dining with Democrats event on September 21, 2013.

Susan Adams 2013 Campaign Photo.

We all want to look our best and the first photo is a very unflattering picture. The second photo is her campaign photo photoshopped to make her look her best.  It is just a stark reminder that the Susan Adams of campaign literature is NOT the same Susan Adams we have now. In 2002, she campaigned on "Cows, not Condos" AGAINST the urbanization of Marinwood/Lucas Valley.  Today, September 24, 2013 she voted for the Housing Element  that gives us 70% of all affordable housing for unincorporated Marin.

The massive allocation of affordable housing in Marinwood/Lucas Valley means the Dixie School District will be forced to take hundreds of students without the tax revenue to support them. She has dealt a crippling blow to the community with this financially shortsighted decision.

Does Susan Adams represent us in Marinwood-Lucas Valley?

Susan Adams is another tired politician, making excuses, hiding from her record in hopes of re-election.

It is time for change.  It is time for a true community leader that will represent US first.  Carol Brandt, a longtime Marin native and former Marinwood resident is well familiar with our community.  Damon Connelly is a San Rafael city counciler.  I recommend you check them out.

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