Monday, September 23, 2013

Addendum to The Ten Commandments

This information was sent to me anonymously about a recent event. As I understand it God appeared to a Cleric in a vision right here in Marin. It explains a lot.

Addendum to the Ten Commandments

God gave the Cleric one golden plate inscribed with An Afterthought:

Memo from God to Cleric, dateline, the End Times

1.  Thou shalt propagandize the masses with the message of Unquestioning Love, Delivered through Mass Transit and Housing Subsidies.  This commandment (UL) applies particularly to all syndicated media outlets, web designers, public policy/interest firms and producers of glossy advertising brochures with or without pseudo-statistics.

2.  Thou shall espouse Regionalism (Plan Bay Area) to bring in the New Jerusalem (Revelations). Remember: what the Bay Area tries results in miracles.

3.  Thou shalt provide subsidized housing for every poor family. Even though the poor are always with us and their numbers are growing, each family is entitled to a 500-square-foot apartment in San Rafael, Novato, or unincorporated Marin.  Other jurisdictions are exempt (Period.). Thoughts about density, water, sanitation, aesthetics, fiscal and environmental concerns are forbidden. This entitlement is absolute.  Take its application as an article of faith.

4. The rich or the poor shall not be held responsible.  Regarding 'Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's but unto God what is God's', I am suspending any application of common law to both the rich and the poor until further notice.  This suspension specifically applies to CEQA, white-collar crime, income inequality, immigration, and activities of non-profits (501c 3's) and city planners of any sort, but it can be applied to other areas of law as well. Do not believe that the suspension contradicts my previous statement about Caesar.  It does not.  Furthermore this will not affect local control because I said so.

5.  The poor and the devout shall take mass transit. Each 1,000 trips on transit shall entitle the holder of the Universal Clipper Card to a get-out-of-Purgatory-Free premium which can only be used once. Since multinational corporations make lots of money building mass transit, and rail routes while hard to change are easy to pack,  ever denser concentrations of population in cities create hot spots drawing greater and greater energy demands.  The prophecy shall be fulfilled. Armageddon, the armed conflict between urbanites and suburbanites (urbanistas and suburbanistas) is at hand. 

Rapturously yours,


Disclaimer: This communication is not intended to cause offense to any creature living or dead.
Have you ever had a friend whose meaning of "sharing" is "taking from you"?

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