Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Board of Supervisors Vote "YES" to SEIR and Housing Element. Marinwood/Lucas Valley get 70% of all affordable housing for unincorporated Marin.

See the Marin IJ story HERE


  1. I suggest everyone put a "For Sale" sign on their lawn with a phone number of their District Supervisor.

  2. Citizens of Marin, You are to blame. You brought a knife to a gun fight. Cloward Piven, Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals - Saul Alinsky. Do you know any of this? If not then you never, ever had a chance.

    Also, if you voted for Obama you voted for what just happened to Marin. Do you think this just happened on its own? It is the plan, the fix was in, the tea party was right, you were wrong yet you still show up with a knife to a gun fight. The democrats are the new socialist/marxist party. Democrat Party doesn't exist, how can it when the leader is a radical marxist. Have you heard of Common Core? Authored by former Marin resident Bill Ayers, you know, that american terrorist that got away with terrorism. The schools in Marin and Lucas Valley will all be reduced to nothing. Having the hood show up in Marin won't destroy the schools, Common Core will as each and every student across this nation will be taught exactly the same. No local control is the goal. Meanwhile the students will be tracked electronically. Hitler would be envious. Think this is ridiculous nonsense I speak of? Explain to me why it is all happening. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Turkey (to a degree) all have one thing in common, Muslim Brotherhood whom Obama has repeatedly supported. Egypt finally got it right and shunned Obama's attempts. But no, you don't want to believe your leader may just be a Muslim despite the FACT he wears a Muslim wedding ring that he adorned on his finger years before he actually got married. Again, say this is crazy and you don't know the facts even though everything is falling in place. Maybe you should look at your allegiance to the democrats and ask yourself are you supporting a group that really has your interest at hand and while you do that, think about what your party has done to you or shall I say turned on you on absolutely everything. Hmm, maybe the tea party, Fox News (most popular news network in the nation 10+ years running) is actually saying the truth but you were indoctrinated by your own party to believe they (fox) was evil. Don't get it, how is your life falling apart all around you, everything you believe in is a now a former shell of itself. Explain that one? Is it time to wake up to what is going on? Are you as smart as you think you are or are you simply a tool being used in a machine that is far smarter than you? Sheep eventually get it moments before being slaughtered. Are you supporting the enemy yet have no idea. Look at the Marin BOS, it is all marxists. You can't deny that either. Gov't was infiltrated and so are the local schools. 70+% of Universities across this country are controlled by liberals. Yep, your kids are being indoctrinated right under your nose. Ask you kid if Christopher Columbus discovered this country. Chances are they will tell you Christopher Columbus was a pirate who stole this country. Yep folks, that is indoctrination happening again right under your nose.

  3. Do you watch Fox, read Drudge Report, Breitbart.com, etc or were you told these are evil news. Feinstein says they are evil-look at what she is up to shut them down. But tell me, name one story Fox lied on? But don't qoute CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC in your answer. You can't do it because you are in fact indoctrinated which is amazing because you are supposedly an adult. Don't worry, fool me once...fool be twice.

    It is time you ask yourself if you are democrat or republican. Continue to be a democrat and you only spupport everything that is happening to you. I won't even get into Obamacare, I think everyone gets that scam is to push us further into Marxism, Communism, etc. You think NSA spying was an accident? Boy you are dumb. Don't blame yourself, blame the guy in the mirror....

    My point to all this... you got what you asked (voted for), Tea Party said this would happen and you ignored them, riduculed them yet had no idea why you riduculed them. You fight people like that Jimmy Fishboner guy and think you have one upped him. Fact is, he makes you all look like tools. He owns you! You play his game and lose everytime. He is one guy and hundreds attack him yet he still owns you. How could that possibly happen?? Hmm, maybe you are actually aligned on his side but have no idea you are actually supporting him through your political affliation. Political affiliation doesnt allow you to win when you fight amongst the party, the party itself wins. That guy is a hippy hot mess that has sucked off the gov't system his whole life yet he beats you on everything. Again, you are aligned with him politically. Try to punch yourself in the face, it really doesn't work. That is all you are doing to the guy, and he knows it. He is the smartest guy around and owns you, will always own you. You can't win. Just look at your record.

    Want to win, get out of the Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Muslim Brotherhood Democrat party. Join the Republicans. This way you are directly standing in front of the oppositions face. You fight this fight over housing and the reason you do it is because you want your quality of life and you want your hard work to pay off (house, finances, low taxes, etc), yet you are in the former democratic party that is the exact opposite of what you really want. How stupid is that? Actually, how stupid are you? Go read drudgereport.com. White House hits the website over 15k times a month, Obama hates the website because it tells the truth. 1Billion hits a month. Number one news site in the world yet you have never read it because you were trained to believe conservatives are bad people. How ironic everything you fight for the conservatives also fight for.

  4. If we can get some people to open their eyes to what is going on and switch affiliations, then we can balance the power. Marin BOS doesn't need another Democrat, it needs REPUBLICANS!!! Ask yourself this, if you had someone manage your personal finances, would you want a Republican or a Democrat? If you answer the later then you will never get it and you should probably just fall on your sword now.

    Figure it out folks, what you are doing has done NOTHING!! Again, you are either too stupid or are just not aware as to what is really going on. If you like NSA looking at every aspect of your life, if you want Obamacare-death panels and all, if you want the hood living in your backyard, if you want Muslim Brotherhood running every country in the middle east, if you want Federal Gov't teaching your kids, etc, etc, etc then just keep what you are doing because it is all doing very well.

    Otherwise catch a clue as to why you feel (never feel you should always think) that you are being overwhelmed.

    As for me, I am leaving the country and taking my money with me, as for you morons
    excluding Jimmy Fishboner, (erally the smartest guy around here!!) what are you going to do? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. What are you doing?

  5. I should add...you sheeple say Susan Adams is not representing you. Why would she? She is a socialist, marxist boderline communist. Did Hitler represent the Jews? Did the Ravens represent the 49ers? She is like Jimmy Fishboner. She wins everytime. Why do you think she wins everytime? She controls you all, she says things to make you FEEL good but at the end she gets her way and all you say is she doesn't represent you. She is tight with the Obama administration yet she is affiliated with democratic party, you know the same party you are a part of. Getting it YET, your party is not the party you originally signed up for.

    Susan Adams has done an excellent job and should be commended Enemies should be respected when they do well and she has done very well. You can't deny that. Why on earth would she represent you? She is a democrat, you know the same party whose leader of the party is Obama who is a Marxist. If you had a half a brain you would realize this but you need someone to tell you what is going.

    Try calling people what they are, not what you want them to be. Grow a pair too!

  6. Amen. Great reasons to join republican party. Clearly the enemy is ourselves hence the repeated losses. With republican party moving more to the center they now represent what the democrats use to.

  7. wow....I love these comments! Living in Terra Linda I did not think there were any folks that have my same take on what is happening to our low information society. We need more good conservative right minded people to run for office that can articulate our position. This nation is headed for self destruction unless we reverse course. I would sign my name but my house would probably be.........