Friday, July 5, 2013

Wade B Holland, Planning Commissioner can't hear us!

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see the full planning commission meet June 24, 2013 Marin County Planning Commission

After hours of testimony over eight months,  Planning Commissioner Wade Holland still hasn't heard of any objections to the Housing Element SEIR!!  (Holland: "oh you know, excepting the Grassetti report and that's , you know...")  See the full meeting for the previous four hours of testimony from an angry public.

The profound ARROGANCE in this dimissive attitude by this man is ASTOUNDING!   If he has not heard from the public outrage at the SEIR and the HOUSING element over the last six months, he must be deaf, or a coward to look truth in the eye!  There are no other words to describe this.

Does he think he is serving on the Planning Commission to be a proof reader?  At stake is billions of dollars in private property, a school system and an entire community's future.  This man is shameful and should be immediately dismissed from the commission. Does he think Marin is Cold War East Germany? We are a democracy, a free country and the people have a right to be heard and represented.

With the notable exception of one commissioner, the Planning Board is driven by ideology and allegience to politicians and housing advocates. No wonder the people have lost their faith in the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, the Planners and "the public process".

Mr. Wade Holland must go!

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