Saturday, April 20, 2013

Susan Adams confirms massive expansion in Marinwood-Lucas Valley

Editor's Updates: The recent revelation that the Oakview development and the Rocking H ranch proposals were previously uncounted. They will bring another 200 affordable units making our total burden of 900 affordable units in our 5.78 square miles.  That is 37.5 % increase in our housing stock.  Also, occupancy rates for low income units tend to be much greater than market rate housing. It is not unusual to see double the average amount of people in low income housing.  It is realistic to expect that if all of the low income housing is built half of our population will be low income. The other half of taxpayers will be forced to pay for the increase in government services and infrastructure most likely through parcel taxes voted in.

No other city or town in Marin or THE ENTIRE BAY AREA is faced with a housing allocation as severely challenging as ours.   Where are our leaders?
Susan Adams, Supervisor

From Susan Adams October 2012 newsletter,  686 units have been confirmed for the 2012 Housing Element for Unincorporated Marin. The article is printed on this site.  By the counties own estimate in the Housing Element an average 2.23 people per household  can be expected.  This means that approximately 1500 people may join us for a total population increase of 25%. By definition, most of these residents will be Extremely Low to Low Income meaning that they will contribute little, if anything to our property tax basis.  In contrast,  tax payers will be forced to upgrade infrastructure , schools, police, fire, safety, recreation services increasing everyone's taxes.  More traffic and pollution is inevitable.

This is not green. This is not economic.  This is not equity for all of us. This is not "fair housing".  It is government assistance housing to fulfill the Association of Bay Area Government housing mandate. 83% of all low income housing in unincorporated Marin will happen here.

Sure.  They will tell us that these are only "possibilities" and it is "highly unlikely" that developments will be built because of the economy and shortage of development funds.  It this is so, why pre qualify all of this property for high density of housing?   "Trust us" they ask of us.

This "vision"  is really a catalog of "projects" that have been pre-qualified for fast track development. All a developer needs is a pile of government or foundation cash to start the project.    They will surely come and build if there is cash.  HUD will bring the cash. The State will bring the Cash. Foundations will bring the cash. 

Each of us has a duty to stand up for our community and demand sensible, sensitive growth.  We cannot be the dumping spot for the rest of Marin's unwanted low income development.  Developers must know that the locals will not simply allow unbridled development of any kind that destroys our bond with our neighbors and our beautiful open space.  We want responsible development.

 Come to the upcoming meetings and speak up for your future. Commit yourself to become better informed. Talk with your neighbors.  Let them know our community will preserve what is good, fight what is bad and is prepared to grow our future responsibly.

P.S.Some politicians and "community leaders" would rather not have you pay attention to the housing element.  They want to get their fast track plans in place, so that State and Federal monies come to Marin and development can begin.  Then you will hear that it was a "public process" approved by "community leaders" years ago.  You don't have a voice because it was "decided long ago".  Baloney!

Where do you want our future to lead?

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