Sunday, April 14, 2013

VIDEO: Bridge Housing promises transparency

At the October 27, 2012 meeting with Bridge Housing,  Brad Wilban, VP promises transparency in the financial aspects of the development and projected impacts on the community.    At their next meeting in December, they estimated their contribution would be around $10,000 annually.  The crowd gasped and later they posted this financial worksheet to their website to revise their estimate.

Financial worksheet posted on in January 8, 2013
When we saw this "transparent" worksheet, we burst out laughing.  They include presumed taxes on retail businesses, Hoytt development property taxes and sewage bill at their "tax contribution".  That is like one of us taking the tax bills of our next door neighbors and their income tax as "our tax contribution". 

If Bridge Housing was a publicly traded company passing out this "financial information" they would be facing severe penalties.

You are claiming how much taxes!?

We know Bridge Housing is capable of building attractive and managing well run communities.  By all reports, the 80 unit  Rotary Village complex in Lucas Valley is one such project.  It is a seniors only community and built at the appropriate densities for the neighborhood at 11 units per acre.   This project doesn't have the problems of their big box developments for families that bring many more community costs and burdens to the Dixie School district. 

If Bridge Housing wants to build affordable housing in Lucas Valley, they should consider a development similar to Rotary Village.

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