Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LEARN: The Saratoga-Los Gatos Town Hall on the One Bay Area Plan

Excellent overview of the One Bay Area Plan and how it affects suburban communities like Marinwood-Lucas Valley. Interestingly, this community of 29,000 is rallying to fight about 400 units of affordable housing thrust upon them by ABAG.  We are fighting 900 units (when you include Oakview and the Rocking H plans) in our community of 6000. This is a growth of 37.5% in our total housing units and they will pay virtually no taxes to support our schools and services!

To my knowledge, no other single community in Marin or the entire 9 bay area counties is being asked to host so much growth in their community.  Other residents in Marin county explain, "That is simple.  You have the room in Marinwood-Lucas Valley" while they keep housing out of THEIR back yard.

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