Friday, March 20, 2020

March 10, 2020 Marinwood CSD wanted to "wait and see" about CoronaVirus

Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD General Manager is taking a "wait and see" approach to the Corona Virus. Jeff Naylor "Hopes it will be a normal year without disruption" on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 despite dire warnings everywhere, Italy being quarantined, Schools closings, California declared Emergency, and the Marinwood Fire Department in crisis planning every day. The Marinwood CSD even refused to increase their sanitation regime in this meeting. By the end of the week, the President declared a National Emergency. Stupid complacency may kill people in our neighborhood. Be safe.

3/20/20 UPDATE: The Marinwood CSD staff went home last week after the "shelter in place" order. Last night Governor Newsom ordered a California wide "Shelter in Place" order. Finally, we are receiving a meek response form the CSD. I have made regular requests for IMPROVED SANITATION that have gone unheeded. Trash has been overflowing and the bathrooms have not been cleaned. The CSD is still "waiting and seeing". While Jeff Naylor and Sivan Oyserman are in this clip, it should be noted that Leah Green, Bill Shea and Izabela Perry have done nothing either.

The CSD needs leadership not excuses.

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