Saturday, March 21, 2020

Open Letter to Marinwood CSD Manager and Board on Coronavirus Challenges.

The MOST ESSENTIAL task is sanitation.  The pool bathroom lock does not work. Homeless people and others use this facility. You know about this .  It has been reported many times.  This is a VECTOR for CORONAVIRUS and other disease.  Please fix this ASAP.   I ask once again to wipe down toilets and portipotty, empty trash DAILY (not weekly or every other day). A CSD employee can keep "six feet distant".   It can be done by anyone from the district.  I know former CSD Manager Tom Horne was not above digging holes when required. No staff should have this burden alone.

Next, as the community is hunkering down in this emergency, there is much that the CSD can do to lift spirits.   The rec staff needs to be thinking about ways to engage the full community.  It could be virtually via the website. You could hold contests, sponsor online activities,etc. The management can use this time to think seriously about the strategy to normalize or finances and examine successes and failures of recent years.  This is a time of growth and opportunity.

I assume the district payroll checks are still good.  You are lucky.  Many small businesses are suffering terribly and will need to fold. The citizens need to see that productive work is being done on behalf of the community or the district should consider staff reductions to help recover from the financial shock.  Capital projects should be put on hold.  Money losing activities should be reconsidered.

Will you rise to today's challenge? Will you plan for inevitable financial challenge that is coming? How do you wish to be remembered?  

The Marinwood CSD had NO PLANS to respond to the Coronavirus on March 10, 2020 despite the widespread news of the Global pandemic.  Now, they have no choice. The crisis is upon us and we need to act decisively.  First we must stop the spread of this virus. The financial shock is coming but the Marinwood CSD still has NO PLANS other than "wait and see".

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