Sunday, March 15, 2020

Marinwood Citizen Requests Local Democracy

The Marinwood CSD board does not listen to the citizens. They prefer to "rule". This arrogance has cost them dearly in legal bills, mismanagement and failed projects. Citizens dutifully show up to be heard and they are dismissed. Routine maintenance is ignored if the request is made by anyone other than themselves. It is laughable that during an election year they are pretending to do citizen outreach . The public needs to pay attention, the CSD is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on useless projects and is about to embark on building the "White Elephant" maintenance facility designed by former politician Bill Hansell. The project is TWICE the size of a similar facility in McInnis Park and likely TEN TIMES the COST. The CSD REFUSES to discuss the projected cost. This is what a corrupt local governing body looks like.

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