Monday, September 9, 2019

Why is Marinwood still messing with the White Elephant?

Attractive prefab garages like this one start @ $10k.  Marinwood has wasted $30,000 on incomplete plans on a fantasy compound designed by a former CSD politician that have no possibility of being built.

The Marinwood CSD has paid former Marinwood CSD director Bill Hansell over $30,000 so far for an unfinished design of a new Maintenance facility dubbed the “White Elephan” .In April 2018, Marinwood CSD manager, Eric Dreikosen estimated Hansell’s fees would be $12,000 for the complete project. Hansell has not even completed an approved plan due to its numerous violations of county codes. It is a drive through design which requires a massive footprint in Marinwood Park that stretches from Miller Creek road to the meadow 600 feet to the East. It is MUCH larger than the existing facility despite claims to the contrary.

Why is the Marinwood CSD allowing this collosal waste of money? What is happening here?

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