Saturday, September 14, 2019

Marinwood CSD has stopped renting our Community Center to "Outsiders"

The Marinwood CSD has stopped taking bookings for Quincenanera's and other parties after a April 9, 2019 crime.  They kept the details secret from the public until a Marin IJ report of the sentencing of Jordan Escobar Perez on August 25, 2019 involving the armed sexual assault of a minor.   NO SECURITY PROCEDURES other than banning "outsiders" from renting the facility has been instituted.  We have asked Marinwood CSD to stop using the incident to discriminate and instead adopt reasonable security procedures for everyone , especially when alcohol is served.  The general manager, Eric Dreikosen and recreation director, Luke Fretwell claim to have been “studying solutions" for six months while the ban is "temporary".  

The Marinwood Community Center Hall is popular with the Hispanic Community in Marin County for celebrations of all types.  The ban is disproportionately affecting them.

More inquiry is needed from the Marin Human Rights commission.

Quinceanera vs Sweet Sixteen Birthday

Poste by Jody DeSimone


A Quinceanera vs Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

For every similarity between a quinceanera and a sweet 16 birthday party, there are just as many noteworthy differences. Obviously, the biggest one is age – a quinceanera is a celebration for a girl who is turning 15, while a sweet 16 party is simply a huge birthday bash for a young lady turning 16. Each type of party is extravagant, memorable and elaborate, but both definitely have a diverse set of differences you should be aware of.

Quinceanera Characteristics

Steeped in religion and tradition, a quinceanera celebrates a young Latina girl’s journey into adulthood when she turns 15. This type of party typically begins with a religious ceremony at a Catholic church. One of the most common traditions is called the “Change of Shoes” – this includes the birthday girl swapping her flat dress shoes for high heels, which are slipped onto her feet by her father or a parental figure. The custom signifies leaving behind a girlish childhood for entry into more mature womanhood. Another aspect of a quinceanera involves the birthday girl wearing a fancy, colorful and glamorous dress along with a shiny tiara. She will also have a “court” of individuals to help her celebrate on a special day. These friends and family members will have matching dresses and tuxedos, and will also have to memorize a few different dances for the actual celebration part of the day. There will be a DJ playing both Spanish and English songs, lots of dancing, food, and fun for everyone involved. 

Sweet 16 Celebration

Another birthday bash for a teenage girl, popularized in the United States, is the Sweet 16. Again, this is typically a spectacular celebration of a young lady turning 16, blossoming into a woman and in many cases, obtaining a driver’s license. A Sweet 16 party doesn’t have a religious component to it, or a multitude of cultural and religious traditions like a quinceanera does. There is oftentimes a theme or at least a color scheme for the party. Sometimes the birthday girl may request that guests wear that color to the celebration, but that isn’t always the case. Depending on the budget, some parties are over-the-top elaborate and include ice sculptures, live bands, a photo booth, high-end food and ‘mocktails’, a multi-tiered cake and swag bags for those in attendance. The birthday girl and her closest friends may even arrive in a limousine for the evening and some parents will book a hotel room for them to continue the party after it’s time to leave the banquet hall.

Marinwood CSD explains "actions taken" to improve security since the April 7, 2019 sexual assault.


  1. We had a Quinceañera and a Sweet Sixteen Celebration at MCSD. It is quite close minded and upsetting that for a crime incident you will deny families from having parties there. Society has its percentage of criminals, and we all should address social justice issues to reduce crime such as advocating for low income housing, childcare, after school programs, market value work wages, 8 hour work schedule...Denying people of having space for family parties is not acceptable for an entitled few.

  2. Exactly. Other community centers find ways to accommodate the public with commonsense rules. Can you imagine the reaction if other groups were impacted... Bar Mitzvahs for example, and people were banned?