Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Marinwood Maintenance Compound is roughly as long as this Carwash

Carwashes in the 1950s and 1960s were roughly 40' x 150' or the same size as the proposed
 "White Elephant" Maintenance compound in Marinwood Park.

The Marinwood CSD proposes a new Maintenance compound that is 40’ x 150' or roughly comparable to the size of this car wash but with a higher roofline.  The front wall of the building is 15' tall by 80’ long.  This is an enormous footprint for a building meant to house 1 truck, 2 utility vehicles, a tractor, tools and work area.  It is roughly FOUR TIMES the cubic volume of the existing maintenance shed. 
A conventional side door garage offers the same amount of functional space in less than half the size.  Let’s build a “right sized Garage instead.

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A conventional side access garage offers maximum access and flexibility. It offers more efficiency in less than half the space.  When vehicles are removed, a large work area is available for temporary projects.  This is the type of facility used in every other government agency in Marin County

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