Thursday, September 19, 2019

"Fines for loud Mariachi Bands" in Marinwood

Current Marinwood CSD director Sivan Oyserman advocates fines for loud Mariachi Bands in June 2018 while serving on the Parks and Rec Commission.  John Tune complained of the loud noises from the Marinwood Community Center on weekends. Of course, controlling noise is always a legitimate concern but issuing fines because you don't like the TYPE of music is discrimination. Sivan Oyserman's calling for the police and issue fines is mean, entitled behavior of a brat.

 In April 2019, after a crime incident at a Latino family gathering ALL EVENT BOOKINGS were halted quietly and "solved the loud Mariachi music problem". We believe this is discrimination and against Marinwood community values.

  We must not allow an intolerant few on Marinwood CSD board destroy the opportunities for family gatherings in our Marinwood Community Center.

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