Thursday, September 19, 2019

Izabela Perry smears public and reveals the "True Liar"

Here are two clips of the same Marinwood CSD meetin on 9/10/19 just minutes apart.  In the first segment, I ask for greater scrutiny about Marinwood finances and Izabela Perry calls me a liar because “we know everything".  A few minutes later Izabela Perry calls me a liar again and asserts that the  CSD Board "knew nothing" about attempted armed rape of a 16 year old in Marinwood Community Center in April 2019.     

Clearly, this is not a credible statement. Both statements cannot be true. The CSD either "knows everything" or "doesn't know everything" and cannot be trusted to oversee Marinwood business.  I have no doubt that Marin Sheriff contacted Eric Dreiksosen, Marinwood CSD manager shortly after the incident and all CSD board directors knew about it shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, This attempted rape of a minor girl at a party has been covered up from the public and was only revealed on August 25, 2019 Marin IJ article noting the sentencing of Jordon Escobar Perez for the crime.  It appears the Marinwood CSD board cares more about the public perception of themselves than taking rudimentary security precautions  to protect our youth. 

Most community centers in Northern California have requirements for security at events where alcohol is served. Most also have security cameras and procedures for staff to interact with local police authorities.  If we are to believe the CSD, they have been "studying" the issue for six months after the inital crime but have taken no corrective action.

Who is the real "Liar" at the Marinwood CSD?

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