Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Marinwood CSD cancels Popular Nature Trail

Marinwood CSD manager Eric Dreikosen demands all nature signs be removed from the park 9/13/2019.

After your truly, pointed out that Marinwood CSD is engaging in discriminatory practice with the Marinwood Community Center, Eric Dreikosen demanded immediate removal of the parks nature signs which I have been instrumental in providing to the community for about ten years.

The popular nature trail sign program is a joint venture supported by community groups, Miller Creek Middle School and the Lion's Club.  Eric Dreikosen unilaterally decided I should no longer be able to donate my time and energy to this project.

The project has been heralded by the Sierra Club, Miller Creek Watershed Stewards, STRAW, the Lion's Club, the Marin IJ and Marin County Board of Supervisors as an excellent example of community efforts to improve the park. No taxpayer funds were used to support the project.  It has been duplicated at other school areas in Marin County

The subject matter on the signs was educational about Lucas Valley nature, the people who lived here and student artwork.  It was never political although Dreikosen felt it a threat to the Marinwood Maintenance facility designed by former board member Bill Hansell.

All are invited to participate in the program for future installments once the program is revived.
The Marinwood Park nature trail was created long before the current general manager was hired.

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