Friday, July 26, 2019

Why doesn't the Marinwood CSD Brewfest make money? The CSD isn't telling

Asking a simple question about the Marinwood Brewfest held on July 22, 2017 gets an evasive response. While a similar brewfest held in Novato recently made $40,000, the brewfest in Marinwood made only "about $400" for an estimated 315 attendees despite the FREE BEER DONATIONS. Tickets for the event were $15. which entitled a small sample of beer. More beer was available for additional cost. Also, childcare was available for $10 for the five hour event. At the very minimum the event brought in $4750 in gross revenue but it is likely to be double that amount through additional sales. Many of the beer pourers were volunteers and so the cost of the event was quite low. The tent rental was $1000 and the bands were paid an unknown sum by the CSD. Notice how pointed questions were evaded by the staff and the board. Chief Roach interrupts the public saying that "we don't know the costs". Leah Kleinman Green, Marinwood CSD director, claims that there is no need to know the details of the event since EVENTS ARE NOT MEANT TO MAKE MONEY. Strange answers from a board who claims to look after the public interest and manage our CSD interest. This absolutely stinks and deserves further investigation by an unbiased higher authority. Why isn't our General Manager, Eric Dreikosen asking the same questions? Leah Kleinman Green reminds the public that SHE IS IN CHARGE and doesn't need to respond to public demands for accountability. As typical Green interupts and bullies the public whenever they are challenged. This is a total abuse of power and the civic process. She is not a queen.

Shane Demarta announced his resignation shortly after this video was made in 2017

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