Sunday, July 21, 2019

Miller Creek School Construction wrecks Heritage Tree

Miller Creek Middle school has embarked on a major construction project in Marinwood and "forgot" to tell the neighbors.  It involves replacing old portable classrooms but the details are not known.  No construction notices or plans announced this project. This 6/20/19 clip shows a backhoe hacking branches off a heritage California Bay Tree (Umbellularia californica ) in violation of Marin County policy.  The backhoe is also digging on a protected  Heritage Site of the Miwok Tribe who occupied this land for 4500 years until 1820.  It was a Miwok village known as Cotomko 'tca.

I believe the Marinwood community will support a responsible project and construction.  We urge the Dixie School district to halt questionable construction practices that harms heritage trees and a cultural site.  

Open communication will go a long way to bridge misunderstanding.

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