Thursday, September 13, 2018

Jeff Naylor insults Marinwood Citizens who criticize his plans

At 10:40 pm on September 11, 2018 Jeff Naylor insults all citizens who dare criticize the Marinwood Maintenance Shed Compound. This was every citizen in the room. No supporters spoke in favor of the project despite desperate pleas to wait to approve until the community is informed and we have a public forum. He insists that we must approve it prior to knowing the projected cost. He demeans people who want a public process and alternatives before surrendering Marinwood Park for the massive design. (When have you heard a politician say that? How did it work out? )

Who does he think he is fooling?

Here is our petition:

Petition to keep Marinwood Park Beautiful
We the under signed, want to keep Marinwood Park beautiful.   We want a “right sized” maintenance shed replacement that won’t block our nature trail and Miller Creek watershed.  The proposed Marinwood CSD plan is too big, too expensive and will block access.  We want a smaller alternative design.  Show us the size with story poles and tell us what you plan to spend before the project begins.  Let’s have a real public forum so that you understand our concerns and let’s vote on the best option.

Sounds like a rowdy bunch of troublemakers doesn't it? 

Sign the Petition HERE 

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