Friday, September 14, 2018

"Why don't you appreciate our dedication?"

Isabela Perry, Marinwood CSD Director asks, "why don't you appreciate our dedication?" after overriding the public concerns about a massive new Maintenance Facility for Marinwood Park (aka, White Elephant).  Marinwood Park is enjoyed by hundreds of daily walkers and the Marinwood CSD has plans for a 4400 sf Maintenance Compound and work yard on the banks of Miller Creek.  It will block access to the nature trail and blight the bucolic setting.  The citizens are ready to approve a smaller project that was offered in 2017 but instead the Marinwood CSD hired a former politician and the project doubled in size and cost.  The CSD has refused to meet with the public in an open forum to discuss alternative designs or provide detailed budget for their design.  Unfortunately, they do not appreciate the value of public input to improve a project and would rather try an end run around any criticism.  


Email to sent Isabela Perry, Marinwood CSD Director 9/13/2018:

Subject: Significant misunderstandings remain about the Maintenance Project. Can we clarify?

We love Marinwood park.  Our requests are reasonable, environmentally responsible and financially prudent.  It is sad that you think otherwise since we are ready to fully support the rebuilding of the Maintenance facility.

Your speech supporting your vote contained significant misunderstandings of the public and if you care to clarify, I am available to discuss.

Unfortunately, the format of the public meeting does not allow open conservation which is why the misunderstanding is occurring.  If we can simply dialog, we can identify the problems quickly.

You misstated positions of the people at the meeting and those who want a more prudent plan for Marinwood park.

Our petition keeps growing and despite the belief of some, we are ethically presenting the facts and want the CSD to do the same. We can start with an honest exchange of facts. There is no need to take a highly contentious path which may doom the entire project and leave a wound for years to come.

We owe it to ourselves, our children and neighbors and our beautiful Marinwood Park.

I sincerely believe you want the best for the community, too.


No response was received from Isabela Perry....again.  CSD Directors are known to ignore people with whom they disagree. What a strange idea they have of democratic leadership for Marinwood.

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