Saturday, June 30, 2018

Can you TRUST the Marinwood CSD director and CSD Management?

Leah Green CSD Board President
Eric Dreikosen, CSD Manager
The Marinwood CSD has IGNORED community input for a massive maintenance compound that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.  At 4400 square feet, the sprawling design will replace existing facilities.  It is being designed by former CSD Director Bill Hansell, who coincidentally hired Eric Dreikosen with a huge boost in pay from his previous employment.  Now Eric is working with Bill Hansell to push through his design.

In 2017, the Parks and Recreation Commission held an open forum on the facility and the room filled to capacity. Most residents had objections to the current facility and wanted to submit input.  The PUBLIC HAS BEEN IGNORED.  

In 2018 only 3 residents were given access to a private presentation of Bill Hansels "Taj Mahal" maintenance compound facility.  What happened to the "Public Input"?

We only have 3 full time staff, a truck and several small vehicles and they can be easily be housed in less than 1200 square feet. Virtually EVERY COMMUNITY IN MARIN uses modest prefab structures for their landscaping staff.  Not a single community devotes an full acre of prime real estate for their modest, utilitarian garages. Hansells design is over 150 feet long and spans two housing parcels.  It is roughly 3 times the size of the  average ranch style home that is common on Quietwood and Pinewood.  

The "Taj Mahal" maintenance shed is a comically large project which will be a source of ridicule and shame for decades to come if it is allowed to be built.

At the very least the community needs to see "Story Poles" to see how much space is being sacrificed from Marinwood Park.  The worst part is the long narrow design means that vehicles will constantly need to be moved inside the shed and a wide clear pathway running the length of the structure.  There will be no room for material handling of gravel and dirt and debris and will still take place outside the facility.

The footprint for the building will increase and block pedestrian access
Ironically it was Bill Hansell, as Marinwood CSD director who argued for eliminating the maintenance department in 2014 and tearing down all of the facilities.  Hansell will earn handsome fees for his impractical design in 2018.

The Marinwood CSD has issued a notice of a public meeting to discuss the facility as is legally required only hours before comments from the public are due.  It is a cynical attempt to keep public comments to a minimum.  Furthermore, the Marinwood CSD is CANCELLING its July Meeting which I believe is to keep the public in the dark until the last possible moment.

The Marinwood CSD board of the directors and Eric Dreikosen have displayed a contempt for the public process and is trying to dupe the public.  While they are attempting to comply with the minimum legal requirement, they are violating the spirit of open, transparent government.

Here is the notice of the July 26, 2018 meeting at 5:00 PM.  The notice was sent on Friday, June 29th before the holiday and while county workers are on strike.

Could the CSD pick a worse time for the public to attend?  This should tell you about their intent to conceal information from the public.

I had asked Eric Dreikosen, CSD Manager specifically about the submission of plans on June 12, 2018 for review. I specifically asked him if he was still planning submission by the end of June  He was evasive and said no plans will be submitted prior to a public meeting.

Two days later on June 15, 2018 he submits an 108 page document for environmental review.

Is Marinwood Park for the people or is it for oversize buildings, construction materials, landscaping debris?

We deserve GOOD HONEST GOVERNMENT that is open and transparent with the people.  It is time for change.

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