Thursday, April 26, 2018

Maintenance Shed Proposal presented to a mostly private audience

This was a public meeting of the Park and Recreation Commission but only five members of the public were told about the presentation of the Maintenance Shed Proposal in violation of open meeting laws. 

Eric Dreikosen, CSD manager didn't care.

Here is the stature from the Brown Act.

From the California Cities Guide to the Brown Act page 24, Agendas must be sufficiently descriptive so the public understands what is being discussed

"Q. The agenda for a regular meeting contains the following items of business:
• “Consideration of a report regarding traffic on Eighth Street”
• “Consideration of contract with ABC Consulting”

Are these descriptions adequate? 

A. If the first is, it is barely adequate. A better description would provide the reader with some idea of what the report is about and what is being recommended. The second is not adequate. A better description might read “consideration of a contract with ABC Consulting in the amount of $50,000 for traffic engineering services regarding traffic on Eighth Street.”

Here is how Eric Dreikosen described the hour long presentation of the Maintenance Shed at the 4/24/2018  

"Park Maintenance Facility Replacement Initiative Update"    He sent a page long invitation to five neighbors on Quietwood Dr.  No doubt they were trying to avoid a crowded presentation like they had in 2017 that drew over 40 members of the public with strong views against locating the shed in its current location.  Most people preferred the facility be location away from the homes.

The presentation is worth seeing.  Although Bill Hansell did a stellar job in design, the resultant facility is inadequate to house the current vehicles and raw material storage.

A better location would be an addition on the southside of the recreation department. Since vehicle access could be a problem.  An alternate proposal of locating workshop area next to the main facility and have only a long covered garage for vehicles near the horseshoe pits. The current office trailer would be converted to a classroom and a natural playground will be installed at the current shed location.

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