Monday, April 23, 2018

Action Alert! Call these Senators today

We need everyone to take action.  SB  828 has been largely ignored, but some/many think it is worse than SB 827.   

Please call members of the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee and forward this email to others.  

Below you'll find:
  • Contact Info: Names and phone numbers. It can take as little as 1-2 minutes per call.  The primary purpose of your call is to be on record in OPPOSITION to SB 828.
  • A few talking points, if you're asked why you oppose the bill.
  • Invitation to join others in Sacramento on Tuesday

CONTACT INFO: Senators on the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee: 
The Yes, No or ABS shows how they voted on SB 827.
  • Senator Jim Beal (Chair), D-San Jose (No): 916-651-4015 
    Senator Anthony Cannella (Vice Chair), R-Stanislaus County (No) : 916-651-4012
  • Senator Ben Allen, Santa Monica, (No), 916/651-4026
  • Senator Bill Dodd, D-Napa (No): 916-651-4003
    Senator Ted Gaines, R-El Dorado Hills (Yes): 916-651-4001
    Senator Cathleen Galgiani, D-Stockton (No): 916- 651-4005
    Senator Mike McGuire, D-Marin & Sonoma Counties (No): 916-651-4002
    Senator Mike Morrell, R-San Bernadino County (Yes): 916-651-4023
    Senator Richard Roth, D-Riverside (ABS): 916-651-4031
    Senator Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley (Yes): 916-651-4009
    Senator Andy Vidak, R-Hanford (ABS): 916-651-4014
    Senator Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont (ABS): 916-651-4010
    Senator Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco (Yes): 916-651-4011
TALKING POINTS: Why SB 828 should not be approved 
  1. SB 828, like SB 827, undermines local planning decisions with a one-size-fits all approach that is detrimental to all jurisdictions, regardless if they have a housing shortage or not.
  2. The failure to meet target housing levels triggers SB 35 (passed in 2017), allowing by-right development with perhaps only 10% affordable housing, which disrupts city planning and overburdens infrastructures, such as schools, water, roads etc.
  3. Cities are not developers and do not have control over how many projects are proposed or how many permits pulled by real estate developers. It makes no sense to punish cities possibly for what the cities have no control over.
  4. Community leaders know better than legislators what is needed for equity, quality of life, long-term infrastructure and sustainability.  Work with, not against, local efforts to meet housing needs.
  5. Legislators passed 15 housing bills in 2017, but haven't allowed time or provided funding to see the impact of these bills. Focus on implementing what's in place before adding more laws.

11:00  Begin making office visits in teams of 2-3.

1:30  Senate Hearing

3:00 or after SB 828 is decided

Interested in joining a carpool?   send email to
Driving from your area?  Send an email to let others know.

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