Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Senator Scott Wiener's Donors Directly Involved in the Eviction Crisis

Senator Scott Wiener's Donors Directly Involved in the Eviction Crisis Include Employees of the Following Companies:

Wasserman & Stern - Specialists in the three day notice.

Zephyr Real Estate - Coaches buyers through the Ellis to TIC proces; Specializes in selling buildings "Delivered Vacant". Founder W. Drypulcher donates to anti-rent control campaign. Dirty Dozen's Bonnie Spindler is also a Zephyr agent. One Zephyr
agent's flyer read: "Call and ask me about Ellis Evictions."

Flynn Investments - Currently Ellising a 33 unit building.

ParkMerced - Multiple evictions and cases of tenant harassment.

"Dirty Dozen" Urban Green - Currently Ellising 7 buildings including a 98-year-old woman.

"Dirty Dozen" Ashok K. Gujral - Foreclosure predator who attempted to displace a 75-year-old woman.

Three members of the Ron Conway family - Tax evading AirBNB founder who contributes to rising rents by profitting off illegal hotel rentals, resulting in the evictions of long-term tenants to rent illegally to tourists.

Sterling Bank & Trust - Leaders in complicated TIC mortgages.

Thomas Coates - Republican backer of Prop 98, the failed attempt to overturn rent control in 2010.

Note: 50% of Wiener's donations come from Real Estate or Tech. Wiener's district (Castro) is part of ground zero for the Ellis Act.

Download the pie chart here. See the complete list of donors here.

Scott Wiener 2014 | Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

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