Sunday, October 15, 2017

Why did Kevin J Morrison for Novato City County post this nude selfie until October 3, 2017?

Kevin Morrison is running for Novato City Council in 2017

Politics has gotten really strange recently.  The election of Donald Trump,  Senator Anthony Wiener going to jail for sending naked photos of himself to minors and now a new local candidate for Novato City Council, Kevin Morrison posts naked selfies on his personal blog during his campaign.  


Morrison, a 57 year old, married man posts this old nude photo of himself as a 40 year old newly divorced man.  I can't imagine his reason for doing this but he removed it after the Marin IJ contacted him on October 3, 2017.  No one is calling him a sex predator like Hollywood mogul,  Harvey Weinstein or sexting minors like Senator Wiener but one wonders what he was thinking.

When he attacked Pat Eklund, incumbent on Novato City Council and did not present his own platform for Novato, we were curious and googled him.  We found his personal blog and various other media postings and hoped to find more about his politics.  We didn't find much.  Instead we found a man that loves to talk about himself, post selfies, videos and complain about his neighbors.  Not much on the future of Novato and Marin County.

If you are a Novato voter, choose your vote wisely.  

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