Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fires in Sonoma/Napa may force development in Marinwood/Lucas Valley

Fires in Sonoma/Napa will likely force the redevelopment in Lucas Valley

Housing activists are now promoting a most cynical and nasty campaign of maligning Marin County and forcing the redevelopment of Marin by using the firestorm tragedy in Sonoma/Napa as justification for their agenda.  Previously, I had predicted that they would not wait until the embers cooled before they started talking about "the enormous opportunity" to build new multifamily housing.  I was wrong.  The fires are still burning.   

I truly feel sorry for the people who lost their homes.  Fire destroyed their homes but politics will destroy their neighborhood and force the re-location of thousands. Check out this latest propaganda by the Bay Area Council.  Once again they make the outrageous and false claim that Marin was granted "special privilege" to be named a suburban county like Sonoma/Napa.  Developers wanted the Metropolitan designation so they could force the urbanization of Marin with high density development. HERE.

Because of SB35, do not be surprised when you suddenly see heavy equipment appear in our neighborhoods.  Developers will no longer need to consult the community before building or get environomental review if their development meets certain criteria.  

Lucas Valley is seen as a prime prospect for redevelopment.  We are freeway close and have good schools.  We will fight back.

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