Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Governor Brown will allow Proposition to increase Bridge Tolls up to $1000 annually!

Governor Brown and the Democrats in Sacramento approved a proposition to increase our bridge tolls up to $3.00 costing the average commuter up to $1000 per year (or $2000 per couple). They say it is needed for highway improvements but that is only because California diverts billions each year to projects like the high speed train to nowhere in the Central Valley and other massive wastes of public resources. 

The Marin IJ wirh its typical propaganda spins the story as "Traffic Projects approved".  It is actually not true as no projects have been approved prior to the taxes being levied.  A HUGE proportion of the tax goes to San Jose, San Francisco and Peninsula communities who don't use the bridges and therefore will not pay. See the Marin IJ Story HERE

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