Thursday, September 14, 2017

Landslide Threatens Elderly couple and their Marinwood Home

The Miller Family have lived on 598 Loganberry next to Marinwood CSD open space for over fifty years.  On January 10, 2017 during a heavy rainstorm, a landslide happened above their house on Marinwood CSD open space.  The house and the elderly Miller's lives are in peril.  

At the September 12, 2017 Marinwood CSD meeting, the Miller family, friends and neighbors presented a request to the Marinwood CSD board to allow access to the slide area so their contractors so they could do landslide repairs.  

The Millers will pay for the slide repair on Marinwood CSD property but because of Marinwood CSD's concerns about liabilities,  no agreement has been reached.   In just a few short weeks, rainy season will begin, yet the Marinwood CSD is unwilling to consider the Millers terms for repair. 

This should concern EVERY Marinwood CSD citizen.  The Millers are in their 90s and in frail health. Apparently, Eric Dreikosen, is hoping for FEMA funds to repair the slide on CSD property BUT we have neither a commitment from FEMA and we have been denied by our insurance company. 

If the Marinwood CSD repairs the landslide it will costs thousands of taxpayer funds. If they ignore the problem, it could cost millions in legal fees too.

What will happen if the slide comes down upon the Miller family home? We think it is both foolhardy and irresponsible to refuse to work with the Millers before rainy season.

  Would YOU stand still while a landslide threatened your family home and 90 year old parents ?

0:19:39:00 Marinwood CSD talks about the issue after the family leaves the meeting.

P.S. Alan Miller has written for the Marin IJ for over thirty years.

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