Monday, September 11, 2017

Taxes are going up if the Housing Package is approved. Will Levine support Marin?

It's vital that you call or email Marc Levine's office to tell him to oppose SB2, SB3 and SB35 (the latter removes local control).
The impact of Senate Bill 2's innocuous $75 fee varies depending on the situation, but what appears to be a small rise is not small at all - it is very significant, and it hits those who can least afford it:
- Senior Spouses Recording Documents After the Loss of a Spouse: (Increase from $36 to $261)
- Low Wage Contractors, Laborers, Suppliers, and Employees Recording Mechanics Liens Seeking Reimbursement: (Increase from $26 to $176)
- Low-Income Homeowners Refinancing Their Loans: (Increase from $102 - $327)
- Struggling Homeowners Modifying Their Loans to Avoid Foreclosure: (Increase from $43 to $268)
- Struggling Homeowners Redeeming Their Delinquent Loan Just Prior to Foreclosure: (Increase from $56 to $375 or more)
- Custodial Parents Recording Child Support Liens Seeking Delinquent Child Support: (Increase from $13 to $88)
Marc Levine's chief off staff, Minnie Santiallan:
(916) 319-2010
Speak to any staff member and tell them Marc needs to vote against all three senate bills in the "housing package".

Assemblyman Marc Levine

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