Friday, September 15, 2017

Marc Levine sells Marin to the Highest Bidder

Thousand of Marin residents hoped that Assemblyman Marc Levine would represent Marin County instead of selling out to Affordable Housing lobbyist and pressure from Far Left Legislature in Sacramento.

Last night after a suspenseful hour,  Marc Levine cast the DECIDING VOTE for SB-2 that will tax most Real Estate Documents to generate revenue to give to developers.

It is now time to find a replacement in Sacramento.  Marc Levine INCREASED OUR TAXES and helped open the floodgate of development in Marin.

Is there a tax or fee that Marc Levine didn't vote for in the current legislative session?

SB35 passed the Senate and will likely be signed into law.  It gives developers "by-right approval to build housing.  This means that Marinwood will likely see eight new low income housing developments in the next five years.  It could DOUBLE our population without adding tax revenue.

Hang on.

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