Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tucker Carlson throws "Red Meat" to Marin County haters

Completely wrong and misinformed on many levels. I am a Marin county resident and while I acknowledge that we have lots of liberal hypocrisy, this issue isnt one of them. Marin County is a suburban county and should have affordable housing density similar to our suburban county neighbors of Sonoma and Napa counties. The previous requirement is that we build urban densities of 30 units per acre like San Francisco. This law corrects that mistake. Unfortunately, the writers fell prey of the spin by the pro affordable housing crowd that wants to urbanize Marin.

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  1. Love how they don't mention our Hispanic population.i agree we need more diversity but when you live in a county where $100,000 A year income is considered low income it doesnt matter how much affordable you build you just move to Sonoma county