Sunday, July 2, 2017

What if ABAG had a Forty Year Plan and Nobody Obeyed?

No matter how hard planners try to force us to follow their path, people find a way to make their lives better.

    This is the crowd at ABAG Open House for Plan Bay Area 2040 held in Walnut Creek, CA on April 29, 2015.   It is a generous estimate that fifty people attended most of whom were pro affordable housing activists.  Almost no one from the general public showed up. 

Contra Costa County has a population over one million people.  Do the planners and politicians of ABAG/MTC really think this means "public buy in" for their forty year plan"?
Only seventeen comments on this question about the plan that promises to radically transform the Bay Area to a "One Bay Area" city state run by regional bureaucrats, political appointees and politicians unaccountable to the local communities they serve.  This is the most radical attempt to change the "economy, environment and equity" ever conceived in our lifetime. It will reshape politics, property rights, settlement patterns and introduce  a level of taxation and government control never seen before in a free republic.

We Must Save Marin Again!

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

― George OrwellAnimal Farm

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