Friday, March 3, 2017

Coming to Marin soon: Metering lights on the 101 Freeway that will slow traffic

Roadshow: Are Fremont metering lights helping 680 mess? Drivers debate

A line of cars enter southbound I-680 in Fremont at Washington Blvd. on July 25, 2011 during the first day metering lights have been turned on. Officials hope that the addition of metering lights on freeway onramps combined with the existing toll and car pool lanes will improve the commute into Silicon Valley. (Gary Reyes / Mercury News)
PUBLISHED: March 3, 2017 at 7:00 am | UPDATED: March 3, 2017 at 8:37 am

Q I’ve noticed that there is a significant backup at 2:30 p.m. at the Auto Mall Parkway ramp to north Interstate 680. So it takes longer to get on the freeway. But I think the freeway flows better.

Becky Altman

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Q Gary, as a long-time 680 commuter, I am finally seeing some real effects from the Fremont metering lights. After Auto Mall, 680 north flows much better until Andrade Road.
Now if they would please add a metering light at Andrade, traffic would really move. Please use your considerable influence to see that happen.

Mike Call
San Ramon

A I’m trying. Caltrans could begin installing meters north of Fremont to Interstate 580 in another year. But it’ll be at least 2019 before they are working. Now back to the disgruntled.

Q Caltrans is clueless and “Hans-the-Fremont-Traffic Czar” is deluded if they think that the meters installed on the Auto Mall on-ramp have helped. They have in fact had just the opposite effect. … The afternoon heavy traffic on Auto Mall is out of control. Fremont police need to step up traffic surveillance.
Clearly, something needs to be done to regulate traffic in this area.

Richard Yerman and others

A The cops will be back out.

Q I have been a Fremont resident for over 15 years and the local traffic has gotten unbearable. I recently saw Hans-the-Fremont-Traffic-Czar’s posts about the metering lights and no turn signs and added stop signs to help discourage cut-through traffic. Hans, it’s not working.

My child attends St. Joseph school and it has become a nightmare to drop off and pick up my child from school, not to mention increasingly dangerous. For those of us who live and do business in Fremont, all the changes have not made things easier but just more difficult as we try to live our daily lives.

If you think these changes are helping, go sit in front of St. Joseph’s at Mission and 680 on a Friday around 3 p.m. But you will have to leave an hour early to get there since the traffic waiting to get onto 680 is so bad. We can barely get in and out of the parking lot to pick up our children.

Many of us have resorted to parking up the street and walking but then getting our children back to the cars is dangerous because of all the backed-up road ragers on Mission who block keep-clear areas and don’t pay attention to pedestrians.

Trying to make it inconvenient for drivers doesn’t discourage them, it makes them madder.

Kathryn Kaye
A concerned Mom

A She has been rear-ended twice going to pick up her child from school by drivers impatient to get onto 680.

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