Sunday, February 26, 2017

Will Prosperity Cleaners Toxic Waste REALLY be cleaned up?

A large pile of toxic waste is stored behind Marinwood Plaza while awaiting testing results for permanent storage at HazMat facilities.  

Stage one of the clean up of toxic waste at Marinwood Plaza is underway.   The toxic waste contaminates were discovered at 35 feet below the surface.  The waste spread through the water table and can be detected 3/4 mile East on property owned by Silveira Ranch and St. Vincents.  

The excavation was stopped at 15 feet leaving potentially a huge pool of toxic waste at deeper depths. The PCE is heavier than water and migrates downward until hitting bedrock.   Contamination levels near the surface are less than the deeper levels.  PCE breaks down into carcinogenic compounds,  TCE and Poly Vinyl Chloride.  A byproduct is toxic gas that seeps through the soil and into nearby buildings. 

The Clean up Marinwood Plaza Now committee has been working hard on behalf of the community to make certain full clean up happens.  It hasn't been easy and we need your help.   If you can attend meetings, write a note to the Marin IJ and the RWQCB expressing your concerns it will help put pressure that a full clean up is done right.

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