Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Three Reasons to Fix Marinwood CSD Pensions Now

Last month the Marinwood CSD Board voted UNANIMOUSLY to create an IRREVOCABLE trust for post employment benefits for its workers.  This initiative was led by Jeff Naylor, former Marinwood Fire Commissioner.  Izabela Perry, Leah Kleinman Green, Bill Shea and 
Irv Schwartz supported the measure.

While the concept of setting aside additional funds for our employees retirement has merit, the fact is that our current capital needs for the park are being ignored. The maintenance shed is literally falling down into Miller Creek.  Meanwhile, the Marinwood CSD has hired MORE FULL TIME employees who will be entitled to full retirement, increased salaries and commissioned a solar energy project which is stalled without explanation.

Our new general manager, Eric Dreikosen, is refusing to release information to the public.

Nothing is free.  Expect a push for a new property tax measure soon.

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