Friday, April 22, 2016

Support Marin County Supervisor Candidates who will be the voice of Marinwood-Lucas Valley

Editor's Note: Here is a great piece from our friends at Sustainable TamAlmonte. Readers of the blog, know that I heartily endorse Al Dugan, Susan Kirsch and Kevin Haroff for precisely the reasons stated in this letter.  

Support the Marin County Supervisor Candidates
Of Your Choice


Dear Sustainable TamAlmonte Friends,

With three open seats on the Marin County Board of Supervisors, the upcoming elections are important. Over the last two months we have provided you with information about the Marin County Supervisor Candidates, including articles, notices of campaign events, and videos of the Supervisor Candidate debates.

Please support a Supervisor Candidate in each of the three Districts with contested races (District 2, District 3, and District 4), since all the Supervisors vote on issues that affect our area.  For candidates of your choice to win, they need your help now.  The vote by mail ballots will be mailed out on May 9th. Please: Donate to their campaigns; Put up a yard sign; Host a house party; Walk neighborhoods; Call voters; Stuff envelopes, etc.

We encourage you to back candidates who have strong personal integrity and who support the same values and goals that Sustainable TamAlmonte has advocated for.  Such candidates would do the following as Supervisors:

  • Support open and transparent government
    • Provide residents with objective information about prospective proposals prior to public comment time and decision making
  • Encourage public participation and listen to their constituents 
  • Advocate on behalf of Marin and, in particular, the communities they represent
  • Support local control
    • Support community plans (E.g. Tamalpais Area Community Plan)
    • Oppose the demands of Plan Bay Area
  • Support development consistent with Marin's small town, suburban, semi-rural, and rural character
    • Oppose pressures to urbanize Marin
  • Preserve our environment, support the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and implement full environmental review of proposed projects that could result in significant adverse impacts
    • Advocate for greater protections for the Baylands Corridor, including Bothin Marsh
    • Support acquisition of marsh buffer zones and restoration of historic marshlands
    • Support a watershed approach to sea level rise adaptation strategies
    • Support an independent scientific carrying capacity study of Muir Woods as the basis for establishing sustainable visitor caps
    • Respect the rights of nature (E.g. creeks and wildlife)
  • Protect public health and safety
    • Support a pesticide-free, especially a glyphosate-free, approach to vegetation management and public education outreach programs about toxins
    • Oppose residential development in areas with hazardous conditions, such as sites near busy roadways with poor air quality or locations subject to flooding, sea level rise, high seismic activity, etc.
  • Support fiscal responsibility
    • Utilize competent staff and oppose wasteful spending on consultants
  • Support traffic relief measures
    • Oppose new development or intensification of existing development in areas that already experience heavy traffic congestion
    • Find  transportation funding that is unattached to development strings
    • Improve the efficiency of Marin's bus system and support yellow school buses
    • Support safe pedestrian and bicycle pathways that do not hinder traffic flow
    • Install adaptive signaling technology
    • Open the third lane on the San Rafael-Richmond Bridge
    • Fix the 101 / 580 interchange
    • Lobby Caltrans to remedy flooding on key roadways (E.g. Hwy 1 in Manzanita) and limit the Tennessee Valley / Hwy 1 Traffic Light to being pedestrian activated 
  • Protect our water supply
    • Recognize there are limits to growth and support living within our watershed
    • Support water conservation
    • Oppose desalination
    • Oppose the proposed pipeline between the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) and the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) with potential use of desalinated water from a future East Bay desal plant
  • Meet the actual housing needs of all Marin's residents
    • Meet the actual housing needs of all Marin's residents, including lower-income households, in a manner that: upholds community character; respects the limits of our infrastructure, public services (E.g. schools) and utilities (E.g. water), financial capabilities, and natural habitat; protects the environment and public health and safety; and enhances quality of life
    • Support a living wage
    • Support preservation of existing affordable housing, conversion of market rate housing to affordable housing, second units, junior second units, and small scale infill housing
    • Support landlord incentives aimed at expanding participation in housing programs for existing dwellings
    Thank you in advance for your participation.  Please scroll down for the candidates' contact information.

    Best regards,
    Sustainable TamAlmonte

    Candidates' Contact Information
                   (in alphabetical order) 
    District 2:
    Frank Egger: (415) 456-6356 /
    Kevin Haroff: 
    Katie Rice, incumbent: (415) 483-9433 /

    District 3:
    Susan Kirsch: (415) 326-3354 /
    Kate Sears, incumbent: (415) 332-3009 /

    District 4:
    Al Dugan: (415) 897-6584 / 
    Alex Easton-Brown:
    (415) 488-9273 /
    Dominic Grossi: (415) 897-8461 /
    Wendi Kallins: (415) 806-4101 /
    Tomas Kaselionis:
    Dennis Rodoni: (415) 497-7969 /
    Brian Staley: (415) 488-9120 /
    Mari Tamburo: 415-789-6274 /
    The June election is your chance to
    elect Supervisors who will be the voice of the voters.
                    Support your preferred candidates and ask your friends and neighbors to help out too.  

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