Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Measure AA is about Saving ABAG and not "Saving the Bay"

ABAG Executive Director, Ezra Rapport speaks on April 6, 2016 to the ABAG Regional Planning Committee about Measure AA which he reveals as an ABAG project. He promises more regional taxes to come. Measure AA doesn’t nail down how money will be spent. In fact, Section 5.A. says the Authority Board can “amend this measure by majority vote.” This is like TAXPAYERS WRITING A BLANK CHECK.
Vote No on Measure AA. Its about Saving ABAG and not "Saving the Bay."

 Ezra Rapport is talking about raising funds for a regional Housing Trust. He cites the example of various regional taxes and the new tax. Measure AA and all of the positions are ABAG appointees. Check out the stuff about Measure AA. Does it mention that it is an ABAG agency anywhere? Measure AA is a trojan horse for regional taxation.

More info on Measure AA: HERE

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